AMCC Expanding Solar Hot Water Program In North Carolina


Atlantic Marine Corps Communities LLC (AMCC), a partnership between the Department of the Navy and Actus Lend Lease through the Military Privatization Act, says it has expanded its solar hot water heating systems program from 900 homes to 2200 homes by the end of 2012.

The company is partnering with FLS Energy Inc. on the expansion. AMCC announced the initial partnership with FLS in 2010. The first phase included installation of solar hot water heating systems on approximately 900 AMCC homes in North Carolina, with 50% of the systems installed on new construction homes and 50% retrofitted on existing AMCC homes.

AMCC is currently halfway through the installation and operation of the original 900 solar thermal systems. The additional 1,300 systems will be installed on new construction at Camp Lejeune and retrofitted on existing homes at Tarawa Terrace and Watkins Village.

Using a solar energy purchase agreement, FLS Energy will install the systems and sell the solar energy to AMCC at a rate below the cost of fossil-fuel-generated electricity.

SOURCE: Atlantic Marine Corps Communities LLC

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