American Capital Energy Deploys Fat Spaniel Monitoring Services


Fat Spaniel Technologies Inc., a provider of life-cycle management services for renewable energy systems, says that American Capital Energy (ACE) has deployed Fat Spaniel's Solar Operations Services (SOS).

SOS provides proactive management and monitoring for a portfolio of Fat Spaniel-enabled solar PV plant sites. The product gives customers the choice of using existing field-service personnel, or optionally contracting a team by choosing qualified personnel from a list maintained by Fat Spaniel.

ACE holds operations and maintenance contracts for most of its deployed solar projects. With the complexity of managing multiple solar projects and the problems that are associated with them, ACE's technical staff was inundated with requests for field teams to diagnose and address on-site issues, Fat Spaniel says. This caused possible voids on performance, operations, and maintenance contracts.

With SOS, ACE now receives events and alarms for each installation if a problem exists and can track performance degradation across one or more projects.

SOURCE: Fat Spaniel

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