American Electric Technologies Introduces Solar Inversion Station


American Electric Technologies Inc. (AETI) has released its Integrated Solar Inversion Station (ISIS), which the company says is the industry's first completely pre-commissioned, utility-grade, 1 MW, direct-to-medium voltage solar inverter system.

ISIS is delivered to the farm as one integrated solution designed for IEEE 1547 and UL 1741 specifications. The 1 MW system incorporates a photovoltaic master combiner and disconnect, dual 500 kW grid-tie inverters, medium-voltage switchgear and transformer, and integrated cooling system for quick deployment of solar power conversion, control and distribution. After being lifted from the truck to the pad and wired for operation, the station can immediately begin PV solar generation.

The Integrated Solar Inversion Station inverts up to 1,200 volts of PV power and outputs directly to 15 kV medium-voltage alternating current power collection systems – providing the highest output solar inversion solution on the market, according to the company.

American Electric Technologies Inc. (713) 644-8182

SOURCE: American Electric Technologies Inc.

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