AmeriStart Offers Sales Services For RE Firms


AmeriStart has launched market-entry services for companies in the renewable energy sector. The firm will provide its services to European and Asian companies in the solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind power, power storage and other renewable energy industries.

‘Our team of experienced sales, marketing and operational professionals has already helped dozens of companies kick-start sales in the U.S. Our new focus on renewable energy companies will help foreign companies take advantage of the huge opportunities in the U.S., including the economic recovery and stimulus money now available,’ says David Worrell, CFO of AmeriStart.

AmeriStart explains that it uses a seven-step market-entry process. Procedures include carefully mapping a company's products against both competitors' products and customers' needs. The process effectively shortens the sales cycle and increases total sales, the company says. AmeriStart clients have rapidly gone from no sales to many millions of dollars of sales.

SOURCE: AmeriStart

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