AMG Introduces New Ingot Furnace


AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group NV says its engineering systems division, ALD Vacuum Technologies (ALD), has released the SCU 600plus, a new single-crucible solar melting and crystallization vacuum furnace.

The SCU 600plus incorporates ALD's latest crystallization technology and is capable of handling load sizes up to 800 kg. It utilizes up to 60% larger batch sizes compared to the the SCU 400, resulting in more than a 30% reduction in crystallization costs, according to the company.

The SCU 600plus furnace series is designed to process the full range of crucibles, including both G5 and G6 types, and has a high degree of flexibility in batch sizes, while ensuring the same high-quality melting and crystallization as ALD's SCU 400 systems, the company says. The new system is designed to enable current SCU 400 operators to easily transition to SCU 600plus systems.

The new systems will be available for purchase beginning in the second quarter of this year.

AMG: (610) 293-2501


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