AMG Receives Patent For Mono Growth Tech


AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group NV says it has received a patent for its monocrystalline solar growth methods. The patent was granted to AMG IdealCast Solar Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of AMG's engineering systems division, ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH.

According to the company, its Mono(2) licensable technology gives AMG IdealCast's customers a competitive advantage as wafer manufacturers upgrade to larger size ingots. AMG IdealCast has completed testing with key customers and is refining ingot growth conditions to fit customer-specific cell processes.

Mono(2) wafers have average cell efficiencies that are 1% (absolute) greater than that of standard multicrystalline wafers, the company says.

‘Despite the near-term challenges faced by the solar industry, there is increased interest for higher-efficiency quasi-monocrystalline product from a cast-in-place furnace,’ notes Roger Clark, chief operating officer of AMG IdealCast.

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