Amphenol Hercules II Junction Box Has Smaller Footprint


Amphenol Industrial Global Operations has added the Hercules II junction box to its Hercules series. The UL- and TUV-approved Hercules II provides an overall footprint of 84.9 mm x 80.9 mm x 19.5 mm with a current rating of 10 A and a rated voltage of 1,000 VDC.

Amphenol says the Hercules II is intended for use on rigid silicon panels for all photovoltaic applications. It features a standardized exterior geometry for automated assembly and alignment with tape and tabs to maintain a low breakage rate during robotic assembly.

The junction box's diodes can be paired with any PV panel's specifications for optimal electrical protection, Amphenol says. The new box offers either a spring clamp termination with leads that clamp to the inside of the junction box or the ability to terminate leads with solder. Hercules II allows for the use of potting compound to seal the inside of the junction box, keeping moisture out.

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