Amphenol Releases New Grounding Lug To Solar Market


Amphenol Industrial, a provider of interconnect systems, has introduced the HelioLug, a grounding lug that the company says meets the requirements of UL 2703 certification.

The new lug is designed for use by solar integrators, installers and engineering, procurement and construction firms for grounding solar modules in residential, commercial and utility solar projects.

The HelioLug includes stainless-steel mounting hardware, which allows the lug to be used to ground the rack as well as the PV module. According to the company, the HelioLug eliminates the need for additional holes to be drilled when ground wire is attached to the rack.

In addition, the HelioLug provides low-contact resistance and high conductivity, and is made from tin-plated copper that prevents galvanic corrosion and protects the copper from oxidizing, the company explains.

The HelioLug can accommodate 4 -12 AWG bare copper wire, Amphenol adds.

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