Amp’s Massachusetts Solar Farms Launch Commercial Operations


Amp, a global energy transition platform and renewable energy developer, has officially launched commercial operations for two solar farms in Massachusetts, both paired with battery storage systems.

The projects, located in Ware and East Brookfield, are the first U.S.-based renewable energy projects paired with Amp’s proprietary digital energy platform, Amp X.

Amp X’s artificial intelligence-powered, transactive-ready virtual power plant (VPP) enables real-time autonomous management and optimized dispatch of the battery energy storage assets, based on forecasted demand, generation and market pricing variables. With this technology, Amp is able to reduce operating expenses and maximize market participation resulting in a reduced cost of energy, higher asset value and a cleaner grid.

Both projects are utilizing bifacial modules (double-sided solar panels), boasting an annual generation of approximately 14 million kWh of clean energy. The Amp X platform enables the systems to provide autonomous demand response solutions, maximizing program revenues, while participating in wholesale markets.

“These DC-coupled systems, along with proprietary optimization and design, once again highlights Amp’s emerging position as a leader in technology enabled renewable energy and the energy transition,” comments Jared Donald, executive vice president and head of Amp’s U.S. operations

“This is a major step in the development of the Amp X digital platform which relies on a transactive-ready system architecture and cloud-hosted state-of-the-art advanced analytics, with data sourced from a variety of different nodes across the grid,” says Irene Di Martino, executive vice president and head of Amp X. “Autonomy is at the heart of our technology and leverages some robust edge analytics to unlock significant value for our customers, whilst ensuring that our devices can make the best decisions with the highest possible certainty at all times.”

As well as the VPP, Amp X’s proprietary technology platform includes a smart transformer and a behind-the-meter digital energy assistant which are both seeing their initial deployments in the UK this year.

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