Ampt LLC Launches New String Optimizer For Large-Scale PV Systems


Colorado-based Ampt LLC has released its new String Optimizer, a DC power converter with multiple maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and output voltage and current limits to help optimize system design and maximize performance of large-scale PV systems.

The company claims the system has twice the number of modules per string and higher resolution MPPT than conventional systems without Ampt. More modules per string decreases the number of combiners by 50% and reduces the amount of cabling, and putting MPPT on each string increases lifetime system production, Ampt adds.

‘In an effort to lower the cost of electrical components, large-scale PV developers and EPCs are looking to next-generation system designs,’ comments Dean Solon, CEO at Shoals Technologies Group. ‘Ampt's String Optimizer, manufactured by Shoals, allows developers to deploy PV power plants with the cost-saving benefits of a 2,000 volt system using only 1,000 volt components while meeting all 1,000 volt code requirements. At the same time, deployments with Ampt increase system lifetime performance.’

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