Ampt Rolls Out New Line Of String Optimizers For Large-Scale PV Systems


Ampt, a provider of power conversion technology for solar power plant optimization, has launched its V1000 line of string optimizers.

The new string optimizers are DC/DC power converters designed to increase the overall value of 1,000 V large-scale photovoltaic systems.

According to Ampt, the V1000 line has four times the power density of other DC optimizers. In addition, the V1000 optimizers increase the power density of the entire PV electrical system by getting double the power onto every cable and combiner box, as well as enabling a 50% higher-rated power inverter. The result is a significant upfront savings in total system cost, the company says.

The new V1000 series adds to Ampt's existing V600 product line. The Ampt V1000 and V600 string optimizers include the following features:

  • String Stretch technology to double the number of modules per string – eliminating half of the DC wiring, combining and labor;
  • Ampt Mode technology to increase inverter output power – lowering the inverter and AC electrical cost per watt by one-third;
  • Two maximum power point trackers per PV string to improve system performance; and
  • Independent power optimization without reliance on communication.
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