AMSC Rebrands Company, Announces New Divisions


American Superconductor Corp. says it is now doing business as AMSC and has introduced a new corporate identity. AMSC's wind and grid offerings are now branded as Windtec Solutions and Gridtec Solutions, and its new tagline is ‘Smarter, cleaner â�¦ better energy.’

‘When we were founded nearly 25 years ago, we had operations only in the United States and our sole focus was on superconductors,’ explains AMSC President and Chief Executive Officer Daniel McGahn. ‘Our evolution from American Superconductor to AMSC better reflects who we are today and supports our continued diversification."

AMSC says its Gridtec Solutions division includes engineering planning services and advanced grid systems that optimize network reliability, efficiency and performance from the point of generation through transmission and distribution.

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