AMtec Solar Debuts New Solar Combiner Boxes And Remote Disconnect Control Panel


AMtec Solar, a manufacturer of combiner boxes, has released a new line of solar combiner boxes with a disconnecting DC contactor and a remote solar combiner disconnect control panel. This new combination gives service and emergency personnel push-button control to open or close string-level outputs at either the combiner box or up to 1,500 feet away at the control panel, according to the company.

The solar combiner box with contactor disconnect is available in two configurations: 12-string and 36-string. Each 12-string circuit is rated for 200 A continuous duty. The 36-string configuration is built into a single enclosure. Each of the 12 string groupings has its own dedicated disconnect, making it possible for a service technician to safely disconnect each 12-string circuit at the combiner box.

The disconnect contractor control panel is available with or without green and red LED status indicator lights. The lights give the operator or emergency personnel the ability to see at the remotely located disconnect panel if the DC contactors are open or closed, the company explains. A built-in battery provides indicator light backup power for up to seven hours in the event of power loss to the facility.Â

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