Amtech Acquires Controlling Interest In Kingstone Technology Hong Kong


Amtech Systems Inc., a global supplier of production and automation systems and related supplies for the manufacture of solar cells, has entered into an agreement to acquire a controlling interest in Kingstone Technology Hong Kong Ltd., a Hong Kong-based holding company that owns Kingstone Semiconductor Co. Ltd., a Shanghai-based technology company specializing in ion-implant solutions for the solar and semiconductor industries.

Amtech will acquire 55% ownership of Kingstone Technology Hong Kong, whose key developers bring over 75 years of combined experience to the development of the solar ion implanter. Amtech will have exclusive worldwide rights to sell and service any solar ion-implant machine developed by Kingstone Semiconductor. Over the next two years, Amtech will provide additional funding for the development of the next-generation solar ion-implant machine.

‘With this acquisition, Amtech immediately establishes a technology beachhead in a strategically key region of the world, increases its technology expertise and lays the foundation for future opportunities for its solar business,’ says J.S. Whang, CEO of Amtech.

SOURCE: Amtech Systems Inc.

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