Amtech Systems To Market PST Dry Etch Technology


Amtech Systems Inc., a supplier of production and automation systems for the manufacture of solar cells, has entered into a license agreement with PST Co. Ltd. to market PST's proprietary phosphorus silicate glass (PSG) dry etch system and to develop and manufacture additional models for use with Amtech's existing solar products.

This new product is expected to be launched in the first half of 2009, and Amtech expects to be one of the first companies to introduce a unique dry etching system that does not use plasma energy.

‘The addition of this proprietary PSG etch system marks another important step in expanding our product offerings as a multi-product supplier to more fully participate in the growing solar market,’ says J.S. Whang, president and CEO of Amtech.

Amtech: (480) 967-5146

SOURCE: Amtech

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