AppliCad Introduces Commercial Version Of Solar Wizard Software Tool


AppliCad Australia has released the commercial version of Solar Wizard, a software tool used to determine solar radiation and shadows from aerial images and architects' blueprints.

According to the company, Solar Wizard helps designers accurately determine levels of solar radiation for all structures – existing or proposed – and installed equipment using 3D computer aided design (CAD) models and the NREL TMY3 insolation tables, or their own measured radiation data. Annotation of the 3D model includes the azimuth of the roof planes.

AppliCad's tool is based on a 3D CAD system that provides all the required tools to model structures in 3D automatically from simple perimeter measurements. This means that the tool describes real roofs represented in their surroundings, the company explains. The integrated advanced report generator allows the operator to generate detailed client proposals based on the findings with site drawings and photographs.

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