Applied Materials CTO Receives J.J. Ebers Award


The IEEE Electron Devices Society has presented Dr. Mark Pinto, chief technology officer of Applied Materials Inc., with its 2008 J.J. Ebers award. The award is intended to foster progress in electron devices and to commemorate Jewell James Ebers, whose contributions shaped the understanding and technology of electron devices. The award annually recognizes and honors accomplishments of unusual merit in the electron device field and is given for outstanding technical contributions to electron devices.

Pinto obtained his Ph.D from Stanford University in 1985, where he co-developed the first general-purpose 2D device simulator, PISCES-II. This device simulator became the industry standard for over 10 years and formed the basis of commercial simulators still used today. He then joined Bell Laboratories and led efforts to develop many enabling computational models and algorithms that have been widely implemented for understanding and predicting phenomena over a broad range of applications, including silicon, III-V materials and optoelectronics.

Pinto currently serves as CTO and general manager of the energy and environmental solutions group at Applied Materials. As part of his efforts to extend the company's nanomanufacturing technologies, he led the establishment of Applied's solar business.

SOURCE: Applied Materials

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