Applied Materials Introduces fab2farm


Applied Materials Inc. has developed the fab2farm business model for solar deployment, which the company says represents a complete regional ecosystem, bringing together communities, utilities and solar panel manufacturers to drive down the cost of solar electricity, create green jobs and spur local economic activity.

A central component of the fab2farm model is a locally sited solar panel factory built by a solar module manufacturer using Applied's SunFab thin-film production line. Because the electricity generation is sited for distribution near load centers, a solar farm can be quickly deployed without the need for extensive, costly transmission lines, the company notes.

‘Applied's fab2farm model unlocks a low-risk, cost-effective opportunity to integrate solar PV electricity into a community's energy portfolio,’ says John Antone, vice president of energy and environmental solutions at Applied Materials. ‘This approach enables a significant share of solar PV investment dollars to remain in the community, in contrast to fossil-fuel-based power generation sources.’

Applied Materials: (408) 727-5555

SOURCE: Applied Materials Inc.

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