Applied Materials Introduces Multiple Printing Capability For Baccini Systems


Applied Materials Inc. has introduced Baccini Esatto Technology, a high-precision, multi-step screen printing capability for Applied's Baccini back-end solar cell processing systems.

Featuring proprietary hardware and software innovations, the Esatto Technology is designed to increase the efficiency of crystalline silicon (c-Si) solar cells by enabling the fabrication of advanced contact structures, the company says. The first of several applications of the Esatto Technology is for double-printed metal line deposition, where it has been shown to raise absolute cell efficiency by as much as 0.5%.

The first application of Esatto Technology in production is for double-printed metal lines. This application enables manufacturers to print taller, narrower grid lines, thus reducing the shadowing effect caused by wide grid lines, while improving electrical conductivity, according to Applied Materials.

In a production environment, Esatto Technology allowed the replacement of single 120-micometer wide lines with two-layer, double-height lines less than 80 micrometers wide on the finished cell.

Applied Materials: (408) 727-5555

SOURCE: Applied Materials

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