Applied Solar Launches Solar Communities Program In San Diego County


San Diego-based Applied Solar Inc. has begun its Solar Communities program in San Diego County. The program aims to expedite the number of homes utilizing clean solar energy by overcoming two of the most common obstacles to solar adoption: cost and aesthetics.

Through the program, a new financing tool is available for San Diego County homeowners patterned after the highly successful model utilized in the commercial sector for the last several years: power purchase agreements (PPAs), Applied Solar explains. PPAs first hit the San Diego residential market in 2008, but were only available for the conventional rack-mounted solar panels that many homeowners and homeowner associations often rejected as unsightly.

With the Solar Communities program, PPAs are now available for the first time on more aesthetically pleasing, premium building-integrated solar tiles. These systems blend into the color and texture of the roof surface for a clean, seamless look not previously associated with solar panels, the company adds.

Applied Solar has partnered with San Diego-based Patriot Roofing and solar integrator Clean Power Systems to execute the initial Solar Communities installations in San Diego County. An earlier version of the Solar Communities program was rolled out in 2008 for new construction of multifamily communities.

SOURCE: Applied Solar Inc.

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