Apricus Adds Watts Radiant Controller Unit To Solar Thermal Systems


Apricus Solar Co. Ltd. says its solar thermal systems will now feature a new heat-transfer unit and controller panel, making this upgraded system the industry's first truly turnkey system that enables dynamic energy production tracking.

‘In the past, solar thermal has not been taken as seriously as it should be because it has been hard to install and monitor, making it difficult to compare its value to other technologies,’ notes Michael Humphreys, founder and CEO of Apricus. ‘With this Watts Radiant unit, Apricus systems will now be able to provide more accurate, consistent and useful system data, while making it easier than ever to install in the field.’

The monitoring panel, manufactured in the U.S. by Watts Radiant, will come preassembled along with the other Apricus components and will monitor the system's flow rate and energy output. This pre-installation assembly, as well as the ability to pre-configure the control system on a single screen, will help reduce installation time, installation error, maintenance needs and the overall cost of the system, according to Apricus.

SOURCE: Apricus

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