Apricus Incorporates In The States


Apricus Solar Co. Ltd, a distributor and manufacturer of solar thermal water heating collectors, has incorporated its U.S. operations to create Apricus Inc. and appointed Steve Elkin as CEO of operations.

Currently, Apricus Solar Co. Ltd is represented in 30 countries, including offices in North America, Europe, Australia and headquarters in Nanjing, China. The incorporation in the U.S. will allow for increased market penetration and targeting, creating more cost-effective commercial and residential water heating solutions, the company says.

"Our incorporation in the United States will allow Apricus to further our established relationships and create more cost-efficient solutions for businesses and homeowners," Elkin says.

Elkin, previously director of business development, will oversee U.S. operations and the company's growing network of distributors across the country. Prior to his appointment, he established a nationwide distribution chain with over 15 distributors across the U.S. and oversaw an extensive increase in both operations and revenue.

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