Apricus Offers Solar Thermal Units To Flood-Affected Users


Apricus Australia is offering $15 million (retail value) worth of replacement solar hot water units – 3,500 units – to Queensland, Australia, residential property owners affected by the country's recent floods, at little or no purchase cost.

If a property owner is determined to be eligible for solar rebates, he or she will be required to pay Queensland and federal government solar rebates – and renewable energy certificates (RECs) – to Apricus so that the company can cover its costs. Property owners not eligible for rebates will be able to buy a solar thermal unit for the equivalent of the rebates and renewable energy certificates.

Owners who have already claimed the federal government insulation rebate and are still eligible for the Queensland solar hot water rebate and RECs can also participate, the company adds. The cost of a solar hot water system will be equivalent to that of a replacement electric hot water system.

For more details on the application process, click here.

SOURCE: Apricus

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