ARaymond Tinnerman Releases PowAR Snap Solar Clip


ARaymond Tinnerman Industrial Inc. (ART) has introduced the PowAR Snap 90B. The product is a one-piece attachment clip for framed solar modules that snaps into a standard channeled strut or aluminum rail.

With its one-piece design, consisting of a flanged slot that slides onto the underside of the module frame, the PowAR Snap 90B allows modules to be installed flush against each other, requiring fewer rails than with other setups, ART says. On-site installation time is reduced due to the products ability to be pre-assembled, leaving the only remaining install requirement a simple snapping of the module into the strut without any tools or torqueing operation.

The PowAR Snap 90B meets UL2703, Section 21 standards for Mechanical Load Testing and is compatible with a wide range of framed modules, the company adds.

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