Arcon Building Solar Thermal District Water Heating System In Denmark


Denmark-based Arcon Solar has signed an agreement to install a solar thermal hot water system with 52,491 square meters of solar collectors for the Dronninglund district heating station in Vojens, Denmark.

The large solar thermal installation will heat up to 200 million liters of water – mostly during the summer, when yield is high and demand is low -Â for storage in a basin and made available in the winter.Â

‘Contrary to other sustainable energy concepts, it is worthwhile to store the solar energy for later consumption,’ says Soren Elisiussen, managing director of Arcon Solar. ‘Danish district heating stations have discovered that large-scale solar heating is not only good politics, but also good business.’

Elisiussen says a solar thermal district heating system, with an expected operational life of 25 years, provides a carbon-free hedge against fossil fuel prices.

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