Argand Energy Completes PV Project At Carolina Ingredients


Carolina Ingredients, a regional food manufacturer and distributor, has installed a solar PV system at its new plant in Rock Hill, S.C. The Rock Hill plant now boasts both a solar thermal water heating system and the largest solar electric system in upstate South Carolina, according to Charlotte, N.C.-based Argand Energy, which designed and installed the system.

The roof-mounted array will deliver a total of 43,590 kWh of electricity per year to the facility. It includes 156 Sharp 216 W panels, a DPW commercial racking system, and a SMA Sunny Tower inverter, which houses six SMA 6,000 W inverters.

The solar thermal system includes 2 Gobi flat-plate collectors mounted due south at 35 degrees, a Heliopak Pro heat-transfer appliance and an 80-gallon solar storage tank that preheats a conventional natural-gas water heater.

SOURCE: Argand Energy

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