ARISE Technologies Produces First PV Cells Using Own 7N+ Silicon


ARISE Technologies Corp., based in Waterloo, Ontario, says it has produced its first PV cells at its manufacturing plant in Bischofswerda, Germany, using the company's own 7N+ polysilicon.

‘This marks the first time that we have used our Silicon Refining Furnace to produce 7N+ high-purity silicon in a quantity that could be used to manufacture PV cells with an efficiency level comparable to those being produced at our German plant,’ states Jeff Dawkins, vice president and general manager of the company's PV silicon division. ‘Our current cell manufacturing process uses silicon wafers that we have purchased from other suppliers.’

ARISE's silicon feedstock development project is being partially funded by Sustainable Development Technology Canada. The proprietary process that ARISE is developing is intended to produce 7N+ high-purity silicon for PV applications using a simplified chemical vapor deposition process.

ARISE believes its ability to produce 7N+ high-purity silicon will enable it to meet its target of more than 20% efficiency for PV cells.

SOURCE: Arise Technologies Corp.

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