Ascent Solar Internally Certifies Module Encapsulation Material


Ascent Solar Technologies Inc. says it has completed internal qualification of a packaging solution for its flexible monolithically integrated CIGS modules.

In testing, the flexible packaging solution successfully passed the 1,000 hours of damp heat testing (85% relative humidity and 85 degrees C temperature) guideline set forth by IEC 61646 standards for performance and long-term reliability of thin-film solar modules.

‘This is a breakthrough development, not just for Ascent Solar, but also for the advancement of flexible CIGS technology and the differentiating capabilities it brings to the market,’ says Dr. Farhad Moghadam, CEO of Ascent Solar. ‘This is also well timed to meet the requirements of our initial production from the 30 MW high volume manufacturing plant scheduled to commence at the beginning of 2010.’

SOURCE: Ascent Solar Technologies Inc.

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