Ascent Solar Notes PV Module Encapsulation Material Certification


Ascent Solar Technologies Inc., a developer of flexible thin-film solar modules, says its packaging solution for flexible monolithically integrated copper indium gallium diselenide modules has passed a critical environmental testing milestone.

An independent laboratory conducted a series of tests on Ascent Solar modules under the requirements of the IEC 61646 standards. Requirements included the rigorous standard of 1,000 hours of damp-heat testing (85% relative humidity and 85 degrees C temperature) set forth by the International Electrical Commission for performance and long-term reliability.

Ascent Solar adds that it has begun external certification under IEC 61646 by submitting product intended for building-integrated photovoltaic and building-applied photovoltaic applications for use in commercial and residential rooftop markets. Preparation for submission under UL certification is also underway.

SOURCE: Ascent Solar

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