Ascent Solar’s Flexible PV Modules Selected For Volvo Solar Charging Station Pavilion


Ascent Solar Technologies Inc. has supplied its thin-film copper indium gallium di-selenide (CIGS) photovoltaic solar cells for Volvo's Pure Tension Pavilion project. The pavilion is a tensioned mesh membrane structure fashioned as a solar charging station for the automaker's V60 plug-in hybrid car.

The unusual structure of the pavilion supports a mesh skin embedded with a total of 252 flexible CIGS solar panels throughout. The portable solar canopy charges the car and also flat-packs to fit in the V60's trunk. The pavilion is now embarked on a nine-month, multi-city promotional tour starting in Milan, Italy.

‘The Volvo Pavilion project shares the goal of bringing solar into the realm of everyday use,’ says John Maslanik, Ascent's manager of business development.


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