Asoka Releases SolarLink Data Logging And Monitoring System


Asoka Corp., a provider of power-line communication (PLC) hardware, software and cloud Digital Living Services, has introduced SolarLink, a residential solar product that uses existing in-home electrical wiring for system data logging and remote monitoring.

The SolarLink PLC adapter directly connects the solar power system's inverter and data logger to the residence's home area network Internet service through the electrical wiring to upload data to the solar service provider. This setup eliminates the need for complex cable installations and offers more reliability than wireless systems, providing flexibility in installation options and reducing installation costs, according to the company.

SolarLink enables providers to remotely monitor system performance over the Internet and diagnose maintenance issues without on-site visits, Asoka explains. It also gives third-party solar monitoring services a way to provide data so customers can see how much power their system has produced, how much of that they have used and how much has been sold back to their utility.

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