ASP Develops Fantom G6 Laser Scribing System For Solar Applications


Advanced Solar Photonics (ASP), a developer of scribing, marking, cutting, edge deletion and edge isolation laser systems, has released its Fantom G6 high-speed laser scribing system.

The Fantom G6 system provides excellent integrity of cut surfaces, leaving the cut edge free of stress with no micro-fracturing, the company says. Capable of scribing glass panels up to 1000 mm x 1000 mm and able to make cross cuts with no cut initiations on the crossing and no chipping or glass particles generated, the Fantom G6 is suitable for thin-film applications.

‘Working with materials in the thin-film industry, systems must be highly accurate and precise for the large G8-sized panels,’ says Kristen Breunig, ASP's market manager. ‘ASP's Fantom G6 System provides the accuracy, precision and resolution needed to make sure the cuts are straight, are in the correct location and that the laser scribe line is generating the correct depth.’

ASP: (407) 829-2613


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