ASP Offering FL600 Thin-Film Solar Cell Processing System

Advanced Solar Photonics (ASP), a developer of laser scribing, laser marking, laser cutting, edge deletion and edge isolation systems for the solar industry, has introduced its FL600 thin-film solar cell processing system.

The FL600, which can accommodate panels of various sizes, is capable of direct fiber laser patterning on indium tin oxides, transparent conductive oxides, anti-reflective coatings on glass and PET plastic films. The FL600 can be equipped with an optional conveyor to assist in the maneuverability of fragile solar panel materials for continuous manufacturing.

‘The FL600 is an easy-to-use machine and is ideal for high-tech applications, such as edge deletion or isolation,’ says Kristen Breunig, market manager for ASP.

ASP: (407) 829-2613



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