ASP Releases Solar Panel Laser-Marking Technology


Advanced Solar Photonics (ASP) has released its i-Series Fiber Laser Marking Kit, which can be used to mark glass panels – such as silicon solar panels – where intense heat and environmental extremes prohibit the use of other methods.

Specifically designed for maintenance-free OEM applications, the i-Series is a compact, service-free laser designed to operate under high shock, vibration and dust conditions, with relatively high humidity and temperatures. With the focusable power and high power densities needed for the most demanding applications, the i-Series features fiber-to-fiber architecture with a robust, monolithic design with no optics to align or maintain and no mechanics to stabilize, the company says.

For the solar industry, uses of the i-Series include inventory and maintenance tracking of solar panels, as well as performance rating. By marking the panels with a serial, barcode or UID mark, the life of the panels can be easily tracked and measured.

ASP: (407) 829-2613


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