Astronergy Constructing Large PV System At Rail Station


Astronergy, a China-based producer of thin-film PV modules, plans to construct a grid-connected 10 MW system that will be integrated into the new Hangzhou East Railway Station. A total of 8.2 MW from this project fall under the Golden Sun Program, while the remaining 1.8 MW are considered National Solar Photovoltaic Building Demonstration Projects, Astronergy says.

The station, located in East Hangzhou, will serve as a hub for high-speed rail, subway, buses, taxis and other forms of transportation. The PV project will integrate grid-connected power generation into the building's infrastructure and will make full use of the building surfaces and roofs, as well as other surfaces, Astronergy says.

The project represents a total investment of RMB 270 million and is expected to generate 9,818.6 MWh annually. The transport hub is projected to be in operation by the end of 2011.

SOURCE: Astronergy Solar

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