Astronergy Launches All-Black Polycrystalline Solar Module


China-based PV manufacturer Astronergy (also known as Chint Solar) has introduced the CHSM6610P (BL) module, which the company says is a low-cost alternative PV module for residential use.

In the U.S., dark or black modules are typically used on residential homes for their aesthetic qualities. These modules usually feature monocrystalline cells with a white or black backsheet paired with a dark anodized frame. Due to manufacturing processing and component differences, these modules are more expensive than the traditionally well-known blue polycrystalline modules, according to Astronergy.

The company says it has developed an improved design and manufacturing technique for generating a darker-looking polycrystalline module as a direct alternative for the monocrystalline modules used in residential market segment. Visibly, the darker-appearance polycrystalline module is created by the use of a non-visible soldering method, a black backsheet, a black frame and poly cells that are dark in appearance due to coating and processing techniques.

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