ASYS Automatisierungssysteme GmbH Introduces Two Products


Dornstadt, Germany-based ASYS Automatisierungssysteme GmbH has released the inline Laser Edge Isolation System SEI 01, which is designed to complete the company's metallization line, and a new rotary table printer – XSR 1. The printer is suitable for selective emitter processes and other processes that require a top-down vision system, the company says.

‘With more than 4.4 GW installed capacity, we have proven to be one of the technology leaders,’ states Werner Kreibl, managing director. ‘We will continue to present new solutions that will help our customers to stay competitive in the quickly growing solar industry.’

ASYS adds that it has recently received orders for multiple metallization lines with a capacity of 420 MW.

ASYS: (+49) 7348 9855 0

SOURCE: ASYS Automatisierungssysteme GmbH

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