ATI Unveils New Racking Systems For Trackers And Fixed-Tilt PV At Intersolar


At Intersolar North America, Array Technologies Inc. (ATI) introduced new utility-scale racking for frameless thin-film solar modules on its DuraTrack HZ single-axis trackers. The company says its patent-pending technology is unique in the industry and enables developers to incorporate thin-film photovoltaic modules into their projects using ATI trackers.

ATI also announced a new utility-scale version of its fixed-tilt DuraRack product. The racking system will now accommodate module installation in the field at 0 degrees. The company says this capability will allow installers to work without ladders on fixed-tilt design configurations.Â

ATI's residential division also announced the release of its DuraRack SP single-pole fixed system, intended for sites with limited available land. The racks can support up to 12 standard 60-cell modules per foundation.

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