Atonometrics Introduces New PV Measurement Tools


Atonometrics Inc., a developer of solar photovoltaic test and measurement technologies, has added a new suite of offerings to its product portfolio: the Irradiance Measurement System, the PV Module Soiling Measurement System and the PV Module Degradation Measurement System.

By quantifying the effects of various elements on PV plant performance using on-site testing, the tools allow operators to mitigate risk and maximize return on investment, according to the company.

The Atonometrics Irradiance Measurement System transforms a cell or module planned for use at a project site into a PV reference device to measure insolation, enabling automatic compensation for changes in factors including seasonal effects, angle of incidence, spectral content and ratio of direct to diffuse radiation.

The PV Module Soiling Measurement System calculates the impact on power generation caused by dust and foreign matter accumulation at a given site.

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