Autocam Medical Plans Rooftop Solar Systems, 1 MW Solar Farm for New HQ


Autocam Medical, a global contract manufacturer of precision surgical and medical components and devices, has announced an investment of nearly $2 million in clean technology at its new global headquarters in Kentwood, Mich.

The privately held company is investing heavily, starting with roof-mounted solar power systems, and following up with a 1.5-acre solar farm generating over 1 MW of power for the new headquarters.

“Although the goal of zero environmental impact is not new, looking at how to minimize the amount of electricity and using solar for generating energy is the next step forward for our company,” says John Kennedy, founder and owner of Autocam Medical.

“It costs us lots of energy to get rid of the processed heat,” continues Kennedy, saying that most people would be shocked if they knew how much the company spent on air conditioning in the plants. “The reclamation of heat alone will reduce our energy consumption by over 16 percent.”

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