Axio Power Developing 2 MW Photovoltaic Facility In Mass.


Axio Power Inc., a developer of large-scale solar facilities, plans to develop a 2 MW solar photovoltaic facility on a closed municipal landfill in Greenfield, Mass. The company has executed a power purchase agreement with the town of Greenfield for the supply of solar energy from the Greenfield Solar Farm at a low, fixed price of power over 30 years, as well as a long-term lease on the closed landfill site.

According to Axio Power, the Greenfield Solar Farm will annually generate approximately 2,400 MWh of power – representing 45% of the electricity used by all town-owned buildings, including the schools. Construction is scheduled to begin in late fall and will create approximately 50 local jobs, the company adds.

SOURCE: Axio Power Inc.

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