AZ Company Seeks To Outsource Operations Of Solar-Powered Greenhouse


The Board of Sustainable Energy & Agriculture Technology (SEAT) is looking to outsource the operations of a 1160-square-meter “Near Zero Carbon” greenhouse in Sahuarita, Ariz., which will be powered by a 50 kW solar PV system and temperature-controlled by a phase change material-based thermal energy storage system.

The concept of the NZC greenhouse is a patented technology developed by SEAT, and the project has been partially funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) under the Rural Energy for America Program.

“The objective of outsourcing the greenhouse operations to an external company is to engage the best-possible talents available in the market today,” explains Ash Bose, founder and CEO of SEAT.

SEAT, a limited liability company in Arizona, has been working with the USDA to design and develop the pilot NZC greenhouse in Sahuarita. Bose International Investment Fund LLC has leased 4.1 acres of land, and SEAT has signed contract with Solar Gain Inc. of Tucson to build the 50 kW solar PV system. Furthermore, SEAT has an agreement with Rizk Alla Brothers Ltd. of Israel for design and construction of the greenhouse. Pima County Development Office has approved the site plan for the planned greenhouse, and SEAT has signed a contract with Trico Electric Power Inc. for grid connection. The construction is expected to be completed by the end of April.

SEAT says it will release an official request for proposals on Feb. 1.

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