Battery Filling Systems Introduces New Low-Profile Series


Battery Filling Systems (BFS), a manufacturer of battery watering technologies, has introduced a new low-profile series watering system featuring an 11 mm clip-in plug to reduce wear. Designed with encapsulated floats, snap-in float guards are eliminated, and the encapsulated plug protects the float, ensuring that the proper water levels are reached during each watering.

BFS' plug, constructed of high-quality materials that keep all working parts above the battery cell, works with high or low pressure and features a hydrometer port and built-in water-level indicator. The system also maintains precise electrolyte levels and has a water trap to prevent hydrogen gas movement from cell to cell.

With the rollout of its new low-profile series, BFS has also introduced a new push/release connector on assembled kits. A jumper is also available to alleviate the need for replacing existing water-delivery systems.

BFS: (877) 522-5431


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