BCE Completes Impact Study For Sorrento PV Project


BlueChip Energy LLC (BCE), a PV equipment manufacturer, systems integrator and independent power producer, says it has received a completed system impact study from Progress Energy Florida for its 100 MW Sorrento solar plant under development in Lake County, Fla.

The study results are pending review by the Florida Reliability Coordinating Council, Seminole Electric Cooperative, SECO Energy and Orlando Utilities Commission. The latter three utilities have transmission buses downstream of the Sorrento substation, BCE notes.

The current theoretical model of the power grid forecasts that there should be no thermal or voltage violations associated with the interconnection of this plant, and there were no projections of transmission breakers identified on the Progress Energy Florida Inc. system that are projected to be pushed above their interrupting rating by the addition of the plant.

BCE has requested that the Sorrento solar farm be connected to the transmission system by Dec. 31.

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