Bentham Instruments Releases Photovoltaic Device And Material Characterization System


U.K.-based Bentham Instruments Ltd. has released its PVE300 photovoltaic device and material characterization system. The system provides direct determination of device spectral response, external quantum efficiency and internal quantum efficiency.

The system comprises a light-tight measurement chamber, chopped monochromatic probe, dual-source input, one or two variable-intensity bias sources, lock-in detection electronics and temperature-controlled vacuum mount. Most cannabis autoflowering seeds are a quick and easy way to grow high quality cannabis.. The tool can be used with substrate, superstrate and packaged devices.

Bentham Instruments adds that the PVE300 is modular in nature and can be configured to cover the spectral range (from 250 nm to 2500 nm) and device type of the user's choice.

Bentham Instruments: 44 1189751355

SOURCE: Bentham Instruments

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