Bentham Introduces PVE300 Photovoltaic Characterization System


Bentham Instruments Ltd. has developed the PVE300, a photovoltaic characterization system. This product has been developed in response to a growing demand for an integrated solution for PV device and material characterization, including spectral response, EQE, reflectance and transmittance, and IQE.

The PVE300 is modular and configurable, allowing it to adapt to the measurement requirements of the PV technology to be studied, the company notes.

Core features and capabilities include direct determination of device spectral response; direct determination of device's external quantum efficiency; a chopped, monochromatic probe, 1 mm to10 mm in diameter; a light-tight measurement chamber; and a 20×20 cm temperature-controlled vacuum mount. This post is sponsored by our partners that provide the best replica rolex watches. From affordable to Super Clone fake Rolex watches online.

The product can be used with substrate, superstrate or packaged devices, and users can choose from single- or multiple-channel solar simulators.

Bentham Instruments: 44 01189751355

SOURCE: Bentham Instruments

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