Billco Introduces Laminating Assembly Line For Solar Module Manufacturing


Billco Manufacturing, a company focused on flat-glass laminating equipment, has introduced its Lami-Pro laminating assembly line solution to the solar photovoltaic industry.

Lami-Pro includes a glass washer, an assembly station for assembling the glass and PVB interlayer, and a heat press and nip rollers to heat the laminate prior to the autoclave. Optional glass-loading and off-loading equipment is also available.

Billco says Lami-Pro is modular and can be offered as a complete line with custom configuration capabilities or utilized to upgrade existing equipment. Recipe line control minimizes the changeover time between laminates, and operator-friendly controls require minimal training. The heat press is designed to minimize energy consumption while maintaining the production of consistent, high-quality laminate.

The company adds that every machine is backed with 24/7/365 service and parts support.

Billco: (724) 452-7390

SOURCE: Billco

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