BioSolar Begins Sales Of Commercial-Grade BioBacksheet


BioSolar Inc. has commenced high-volume commercial production and sales of its bio-based backsheet for solar panels. The BioBacksheet is a protective backing for photovoltaic solar modules that replaces petroleum-based backsheets.

The primary material for the commercial-grade BioBacksheet is a polyamide resin made from castor beans, which is then compounded with a secondary non-petroleum material during the extrusion process to form a PV backsheet film.

‘BioBacksheet's monolithic (single layer) construction does not exhibit inter-layer de-lamination, a common problem in conventional laminated backsheets,’ notes Dr. Stanley B. Levy, chief technology officer of BioSolar." Therefore, it is more reliable than backsheets on the market today, and we have received rave reviews from PV manufacturers about this feature.

"In addition to the use of renewable bio-based materials, BioBacksheet's durability characteristics are equal to or better than those of multi-layer conventional petroleum based backsheets," he continues." Most importantly, it is more cost-effective when compared with similar grades of conventional petroleum-based backsheets."

BioSolar: (661) 251-0001

SOURCE: BioSolar

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