BioSolar Records Cost-Reduction Breakthrough


BioSolar Inc., developer of a technology to produce bio-based materials from renewable plant sources that reduce the cost of solar cells, says a new technique has been developed to further reduce the cost of its BioBacksheet product.

The company's BioBacksheet, currently being readied for production, is expected to deliver a 25% reduction in cost compared to its petroleum-based counterpart used in solar panels.

As a result of ongoing research and development efforts, BioSolar has recently developed a new material configuration and manufacturing technique to produce a version of BioBacksheet that can potentially deliver a 50% reduction in cost. A patent application has been filed for this new invention.

BioSolar has shipped BioBacksheet samples to a select group of manufacturers for their evaluation in several regions of the country. In addition to obtaining key verification data points, the company has also had an opportunity to evaluate and prioritize the demands and needs of PV module manufacturers.

SOURCE: BioSolar

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