BioSolar Releases Bright-White BioBacksheet


BioSolar Inc., developer of a technology to produce bio-based PV materials from renewable plant sources, has introduced a bright-white BioBacksheet in response to demand from its prospective customers.

‘While meeting with PV module manufacturers in recent months, we encountered an overwhelming preference for a bright-white colored BioBacksheet in lieu of the existing translucent design,’ says David Lee, CEO of BioSolar. ‘For cosmetic reasons, as well as for its high reflectivity, which improves cell efficiency, manufacturers prefer a bright-white colored backsheet.’

The original translucent BioBacksheet has proven to be durable in all categories of short-term and long-term durability tests, the company notes. For example, while only 1,000 hours of damp heat oven exposure (85 degree C at 85% relative humidity) is required to test a typical new backsheet, the translucent BioBacksheet endured more than 3,000 hours.

According to Lee, BioSolar currently has commitments from select PV module manufacturers willing to move forward with recertification of their existing PV panels upon completion of the remaining tests. This is a necessary step before making quantity purchase commitments.

SOURCE: BioSolar

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